Smart money for smart startups

September 10, 2014

GS Group experts involved in the judging panel of the contest “The Internet of things–IT Challenge” established by the Skolkovo Foundation

The All-Russian contest “The Internet of things–IT Challenge” established by the Skolkovo Foundation kicked off on September 10, 2014. Experts of the GS Group holding company and the GS Venture corporate venture fund support the contest and act as the members of the judging panel.

The All-Russian contest “The Internet of Things–IT Challenge” embraces five categories: solutions for Internet of Things in digital retail; for medicine; for Smart Home, Smart City, and Smart Grid; for wearable electronics; in digital production. Representatives of GS Group and the GS Venture corporate venture fund acted as the members of judging panel in the last three categories which are of priority for the holding company activities.

Furthermore, GS Group established two own big categories within the contest. The author of the best project according to GS Group experts will receive a valuable prize worth 75 thousand rubles. Contestants submitting projects on the theme “Portable rapid-response analyzers” will struggle for the grand prize – a gift in the amount of 175 thousand rubles, as well as the chance to raise funds from GS Venture and get the material and technical base for research within the project and the subsequent production using capacities of the innovation cluster Technopolis GS. This category is open for authors of the projects who introduce rapid-response analyzers of the physical and chemical properties of substances and products, indicators of environmental conditions and the physiological state of a human.

“Categories established by the GS Group holding company are called to highlight the projects that are at the cutting edge of innovative progress”, – explained Vasily Senichenkov, Manager of Project Management Department, GS Group, member of the judging panel. – It is crucial for us being involved in the judging panel of the “Internet of things–IT Challenge” contest as it allows meeting innovators face-to-face, study their proposals and analyze this trend from within.”

“Today we can talk about the true era of the Internet of Things. According to experts, over 50 billion devices will be connected to the Network by 2020, while the global population amounts to only 6.8 billion people”, – comments Sergey Filimonov, Head of GS Venture corporate venture fund, member of the judging panel. – Therefore, organization of the Skolkovo Foundation contest is more than well-times. For many talented Russian developers it is a chance to either offer their established technological ideas or to take up new challenges. Experts of GS Venture and GS Group are open to any suggestions, including not the most obvious ones, and are willing to evaluate the projects’ technological novelty and market demand together with the authors.”

The first All-Russian contest “The Internet of Things–IT Challenge”, established by the Skolkovo Foundation, is a platform to support innovators and developing solutions within the following concept: sensor networks, M2M technology, wearable electronics, etc. Contestants include technological startups, representatives of the scientific community and the engineering companies. The judging panel, composed of the Skolkovo Foundation partners and industry experts, evaluates market potential and investment attractiveness of the proposed projects. Besides that, authors will have to demonstrate off-the-shelf prototypes of their solutions. Entries must be submitted by January 15, 2015. The final stage will be held on February 25, 2015. In addition to GS Group, Sberbank-Technology, Rostelecom, Intel Software, Samsung Electronics, MTS, Mail.Ru Group and other companies also support the contest.