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October 3, 2014

GS Group highlighted peculiarities of investing in telecommunications projects at the 7th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

On October 2, 2014 representatives of the GS Group international investment and industry holding company took part in the round table discussion “Investments in telecommunication projects: challenges of time, possibilities and constraints”, held within the 7th St. Petersburg International Innovation forum “Energy of Innovation”. The event brought together around 40 representatives of the Russian industry-specific companies, including the Space Technology and Telecommunications cluster of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, telecommunications operators MegaFon, Rostelecom and OBIT, InterZet Internet Service provider and other companies.

Sergey Dolgopolskiy, Director of the Foreign Broadcasting Projects Department and Olga Tsyuryupa, Deputy Head of the GS Venture corporate venture fund acted as the round table discussion participants on behalf of the GS Group holding company. The discussion centered on investing in overseas projects, trends and venture capital development, increasing the investment attractiveness of a broadcaster. In particular, speakers presented international broadcasting projects implemented by GS Group demonstrating the capabilities of the holding company as the initiator, investor and technical integrator of the television development globally.

“In 2013 we have witnessed an upsurge in the launching of private and corporate venture funds by major telecommunications market actors. GS Venture, GS Group corporate venture fund, was launched among others, – comments Olga Tsyuryupa, Deputy Head of the GS Group corporate venture fund. – This trend is clear: traditional areas of telecommunications development are maintained mainly by in-house R&D of the market actors, and the long-term development prospects are covered by venture capital investments and incubation of the projects that are difficult to analyze.”

Philipp Modnov, R&D Director, Crypto, LLC, which is a part of GS Group, was one of the round table keynote speakers. He reported on the investments in projects to develop innovative technologies and public alert systems based on digital TV, in particular on CSMW (Control System Middleware for operator functioning), designed and implemented by the GS Group specialists in 2007. “Investing in projects to create up-to-date wireless technologies and devices for alerting the public on the basis of digital television allows creating repeatedly duplicated wireless networks of population alerting with 100% territory coverage. It will maximize the chance to save someone’s life in case of emergency, – explained Philipp Modnov, R&D Director, Crypto, LLC. – Technology powered by digital TV, that will be available and free for all Russian citizens in the next two years, is objectively much cheaper within implementation and operation than wire-connected alert systems.”

The round table attendees discussed the opportunities of investing in telecommunications technology as one of the major resources for building an innovative economy in the context of the current information space and as a key factor ensuring its competitiveness in the global market. The event was aimed at attracting the attention of national companies and Northwestern Federal District government representatives to the problems of telecommunications technologies development in the region and the benefits of investing in emerging market segment.
The organizer of the round table discussion – Kommersant in St. Petersburg, CJSC.