Smart money for smart startups

April 24, 2015

GS Group presented a successful example of creating a corporate venture fund at the X Kazan Venture Fair

April 23, 2015, Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing of GS Group, attended the joint XV Russian and X Kazan Venture Fairs. During the discussion “Open innovation: instruments of corporate venture”, the speaker reported on the features of the GS Venture corporate venture fund activities. The event hosts were the Russian Venture Capital Association (RAVI) and Venture Capital Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Andrew Bezrukov presented to the innovation market experts a successful example of creating the GS Venture corporate venture fund, an independent division within the GS Group holding company from 2013. Today, the fund provides investment support to startups in telecommunications, microelectronics and the development of nanocarbon materials; the fund is also searching for teams of game projects with the potential for commercialization within the free-to-play model. GS Venture is willing to support the authors of startups: starting with investing in the development of the idea and up to the organization of production on the basis of the innovative cluster Technopolis GS in Kaliningrad region, Russia, and assistance in introducing finished products in the market, advertising and promotion. Investment in one project ranges from 500 thousand to 300 million rubles.

Among the most notable projects implemented with the support of GS Venture is the popular solution Share the Moment of the Finnish startup Tellyo. The service allows TV moments to be shared across social media by using a ‘second screen’. In 2014, the Fund invested 200 thousand euros in the development of the solution, which improved the speed and efficiency of its introduction into the global television industry.

“Today, Russian business needs the introduction of a proper management philosophy for all the open innovation instruments. GS Group carries out the development of the GS Venture corporate venture fund along with the active cooperation with Russian universities, construction of an academic campus for electronics and microelectronics in the territory of Technopolis GS. The comprehensive application of the open innovation instruments allows the holding company to dominate the Russian high-tech market”, said Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing of GS Group.

The largest industry events – Russian and Kazan Venture Fairs – acted as a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge among investors, innovators, experts and the scientific community. The event was attended by representatives of more than 150 Russian and foreign companies and venture capital funds.