Smart money for smart startups

October 8, 2014

GS Group took part in the first Startup Bar in Kaliningrad

Presentation of startups was held in Kaliningrad on October 3, 2014 within the Startup Bar project. The pitch session brought together startups authors and teams. Representatives of SmartHub, Intel Software and other potential investors attended the event. Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing, the GS Group international holding company, was one of the key participants of the event.

Startup Bar is a presentation of startups and expert evaluation of projects. It also implies meetings with potential investors along with informal communication between managers of major companies developing their businesses in the Kaliningrad region and the region officials. The event is organized by the Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation.

Developments in the field of computer games, interactive services and video content aroused a particular interest among projects presented at the Startup Bar. In particular, Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing, GS Group, highlighted team of authors from Kaliningrad who presented an interactive guide around the Curonian Spit. The holding company has launched a new project recently – a website with tourist itineraries around the historical sites of World War I in the Kaliningrad region. Thus, the application with the guide seems interesting and in demand.

An “open collar” meeting held within the Startup Bar resulted in signing an agreement to establish a work team with key objective to prepare a concept of the Kaliningrad region innovative development. The team will involve representatives of GS Group, SmartHub, Intel Software, Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation and the number of regional innovative enterprises. It was decided to arrange a meeting with the Center for innovative development of Moscow to prepare a full-fledged concept. It will allow exchanging experiences and obtaining effective methods and proven schemes.

“Such informal format of the event was a new and uncommon for us, but it seems quite promising, – commented Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing, GS Group. – We met people who can really have an impact on the innovation development of the Kaliningrad region. I believe that the agreement to establish a work team is one of the most important outcomes of our participation in the Startup Bar.”

Programs embracing support of innovative projects implemented by GS Group and SmartHub were also presented at Startup Bar in Kaliningrad. Andrew Bezrukov, Director for Strategic Marketing, GS Group, unveiled opportunities of the GS Venture corporate venture fund, launched in the past year, which is aimed at supporting startups in the field of telecommunications solutions and nanotechnology.

Startup Bar in Kaliningrad brought together around 60 guests and startups authors. Experience has shown that participants find such format of presenting the projects and technology innovations absorbing. In addition, it opens up more opportunities for innovators to meet potential investors, which increases their chances to bring the ideas to live. In future it is planned to hold this event on a regular basis.