Smart money for smart startups

November 17, 2014

GS Venture to invest in the video game industry

GS Venture corporate venture fund, a part of the GS Group holding company, commenced the search of startup teams in the field of video games to invest in. Authors of the projects that will kindle the interest of the fund experts can obtain up to 500 thousand US dollars to develop the end product.

GS Venture corporate venture fund considers projects of the authors who already have experience in developing the MMORPG for mobile devices. Experts are primarily interested in startupers who are aware of the features of the game engine Unity. Apps powered by this engine operate under major mobile operating systems: Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. GS Venture experts note that they are searching the projects of any degree of readiness in the presence of demos, individual ready-made parts or other rendered images. Besides that, the startup authors should clearly understand how they can possibly commercialize their projects within the free-to-play business model.

“We are looking for teams that can not only develop games for mobile devices but that also keep an eye on the key industry trends and know what particular features of their project will captivate players and how to monetize their product, – comments Sergey Filimonov, Head of GS Venture. – Our ultimate goal is to get the number of off-the-shelf products that will interest users, and to help teams of young developers enter the video game market.”

Search of video game startups is scheduled for the whole next year. The projects that have managed to intrigue GS Venture experts will gain investments. In addition to financial support, the fund is ready to offer developers the comprehensive support including assistance in the new product entering the market and its promotion.